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even artichokes have hearts.

at least you'll never be a vegetable - even artichokes have hearts.
Oct 17 '11

i had my very first orchestra rehearsal today.

no, not for a concert, simply to try out how it is to stand before an orchestra as a conductor for the very first time. i was so nervous you have no idea. i hid that brilliantly actually but before it was my turn i almost got a heart attack because of all the adrenaline. no one noticed though ;)
the whole class (several/different semesters) went to szombathely (hungary) with the professor today and had half a day for rehearsals with the savaria symphony orchestra.

some rehearsed beethoven’s eroica, some (including me) haydn’s london. i conducted the finale and the second movement. finale went great. it’s SO difficult to adjust so quickly to who is sitting where and who’s actually the first horn and who’s second and so on. really, that went surprisingly well.
the second movement went okay, i accidentally chose a little too slow tempo at first so that the professor interrupted and suggested me trying again.

a colleague filmed the whole thing. i’m curious about what i look like when i’m actually conducting PEOPLE, not a mirror (or only 2, 3 people behind pianos).

i feel proud. 

  1. almodovars said: this is so brilliant! I can’t believe I know a real conductor! :D way to go!
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